Welcome, Hero.

You’ve arrived just in time.


The Ceaseless Dirge has attacked, and we’re looking for a few good heroes to fight back. Jump in and join the beta now, for free.

Warning: You’re going to die. A lot. This game is designed to be very hard. But each time you die, you leave behind an echo that can be raised by the next player. The more you die, the more echoes you create, and the stronger we all become.

That’s why we created Next Up Hero, because we believe continuing each other’s games is more fun than playing on our own. It’s a feature we like to call Community Continue. It’s new, it’s weird, and we need your help testing it out.

  • Next Up Hero will launch on Steam Early Access on January 11.

  • If you choose to buy Early Access, all your stats, progress, and in-game currency from the beta will carry over!

  • All beta users receive 50 percent discount off Early Access!

  • We value your feedback. Hit us up anytime with your ideas on heroes, weapons, balance, and features. What we learn will make its way into the final console/PC/Switch game, coming later this Spring.

You got what it takes? Good. You’re up next.